Nano Sim Template

More people are purchasing cell phones off reseller pages and eBay. This saves the buyer hundreds of dollars, but they will still need a SIM card in their new phone to operate it. Many phones operate off of a SIM card or a micro SIM card, but problems start when your old phone uses a SIM card and your new one needs a micro SIM or Nano SIM card.

The SIM card is a card that carries the “subscriber identification module.” This is how the mobile company tracks usage and information. The SIM card data section stays the same size; it is just the card that varies. Therefore, it is possible to change the card size by yourself with a template.

The iPhone 5 is one of the biggest users of Nano SIM cards and the Samsung Galaxy S3 uses the Micro SIM card. Since these phones cost a lot of money if purchased new, they are often found on Craigslist for a discount. You can take the SIM card out of your phone and trim it down to the micro or Nano size. It is important to note that the Nano SIM is thinner than the regular and micro SIM cards. This can be fixed by sanding the back of the SIM card just a touch, but only do this if your card has trouble fitting in the slot.

While you can use scissors with this template, you might find a razor blade or an exacto-knife will be easier to use for the exact cuts required. Simply print the template up and then tape your SIM card to the template. If you have scissors, then you will want a marker to draw the lines on the card. However, if you have a razor blade, simply cut along the lines while it is attached to the paper. Now you have a SIM card that will work in your new phone.